Saturday, February 15, 2014


This has been the coldest winter I have experienced in Texas.  But it's still waaaay warmer than Oklahoma.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Looking back over the last three years, I can definitely say I have been extraordinarily lucky.  My beautiful baby turned three in November.  If you haven't seen an adorable baby lately, I invite you to review her on YouTube.  Just search for amacrine72. 

 Here she is at 5 months.  So incredibly cute.  I completely appreciate how easy she was as a baby.  Slept a lot, ate well, appropriate milestones.  But I have to say I really like her as a toddler.  I swear she skipped 3 and acts like she's 4, complete with conversation, opinions, and eye rolls.

I, of course, am doing many things I said I would never do as a parent.  First - activities.  She JUST turned three and is in dance class and I have been looking into swimming, Spanish, gymnastics, and martial arts.  Things she does not really need.  She will start kindergarten in 2015 and I am already looking into pre-schools thinking she is a genius who should be nurtured as such.  Well, I was until I read a great article in Slate that pointed out pre-schools only really make a difference to the poor disadvantaged.  She is neither.  And surprised me yesterday by spelling her name backwards and telling me how many E's are in her middle name.  Incidentally, I don't talk to her about her middle name.  I wonder if they do at school.  So, maybe she's not a genius, but she is pretty bright.

We stopped at the CVS last night and she was checking out the magazines.  She named all the colors on the cover of a cooking magazine (stuffed peppers) then we had to count the "gross" stuffing.  She thought they were grossed out pumpkins for Halloween. I am amused at her desire to count and classify things.

My current gripe is the Pillow Pet people which leads me to the SECOND thing I said I'd never do: indulge her.  They advertise on the kid channel we get on the free TV.  Pillow Pets, CuddleUpIts, Stompeez, Dream Lites, and now Glow Pets.  She obsessed over the puppy Dream Lite, asked two Santas for it and sleeps with it every night.  Now its the Glow Pet.  And her little face is so happy and expectant when she sees the commercial that I can't think I could ever deny her something she wants so badBut they are 30 bucks. Ack. I hate that company and their snappy jingles.

Right after Christmas, we visited the Target as we often do.  She had asked for a Hello Kitty mixer several times and I always told her maybe Santa would bring it.  Well, I bought her a toy mixer because what is a 3 year old going to do with a mixer?  So she spotted it in the Target and  said, "STOP.  Momma, Santa forgot my mixer!"  Then she leaned her head back and yelled in a sing-song voice, "Santa, where are you?  You forgot my mixer."  Got a few chuckles from fellow shoppers and I almost bought it for her right there.

I am thinking about moving and therefore ridding myself of the extraneous and anyone who knows me knows I have a problem with clutter.  Not to the point of being a hoarder, but problems.  Did you know hoarders actually have a brain deficit that prevents decision-making?  I wonder if as this brain ages it might slip into that.  Someone please intervene if it does.  In fact, if anyone wants to come intervene on my clutter issue, I would buy you lunch.

We had a great Christmas and New Year.  Looking forward to our second year in the Mother Land.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I took a picture of a fairy

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pictures with captions

As usual, I have been busy.  I would love to be blogging about my interests, art projects, self-improvement, random thoughts, political leanings, etc.  Alas, I have neither time nor energy.  But I do have pictures

My Princess loves her polar bear.  And her Princess chair.

She grabbed a box of hair ties one day, threw them in the air and proclaimed, "It's waining!"  Then she sorted them by color, then put them in a line.  She took this picture.  Many of her compositions involve her feet.  Deliberately.

I am a favorite subject, too.  I am not always caught in the most flattering of poses.

We went to see Disney on Ice this weekend with cousins Megan and Ramsey.  Iris LOVED it.  We stayed at the Tulsa State Fair afterward for some Carousel fun.

We also rode the bees and airplanes.  Different cars, same up and down in a circle motion.

Then we ran into cousin Bridget and her family.  That's Laney behind Iris.  I tried to capture the giantness of the thing she was about to enter, but I did not.  It ended in a 3 story slide which Iris did all by herself. We ate some cotton candy, cheese on a stick, bought an inflatable Dora and called it a day.  Well, not quite, as we had only about 2 hours before the evening festivities began.

First, we had Jacob's 9th birthday party.  Nine.  Cool snake cake.

Then we picked up Addison and Kylie for a slumber party at Nana's!

We made a haunted house which kept them busy for a long time.  They took it very seriously.


Then I gave Iris the camera

I watched her take these.  She was very deliberate about her subject matter.  She has several of the carpet, but she was very serious about taking them.  There were three of the ceiling fan and more of ours when we got home.  I, of course, think she is wonderfully creative and talented.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Iris has another family that lives in Houston.  We tried to see them regularly when we lived there.  For some reason, I didn't take a lot of pictures - at least on this camera.  They guy in the middle above is Marcus.  He is Iris's cousin.  I met him when he was seven and just adorable.  That was Christmas 2010.  He was 13 then.
The following summer, he got accepted into both the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and the Law Enforcement High School in Houston because he was both smart and talented.  He was also very polite.  This is at his little brother's 4th birthday party.  Redmund is the guy in the middle and his big sister Olivia is to his left.  The other punk was a neighbor.  Red and Ollie are Marcus's little brother and sister.  His mom is on the right (Baby daddy's sister) and step-dad is on the left.
This is outside at the party.  Iris's first pinata.  Marcus finally had to step in and break it as the little kids just weren't getting it done.
Anyway, later that year, Marcus was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma.  He underwent a lot of treatment. He lost his fight today.  He is already missed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation (or, Bacayshun)

So, I had a pretty eventful July.  I managed not to spend a single weekend at home.  The best weekend, however, was spent in Branson for the Sontag Super Summer Summit part 2.  Unfortunately, I got sick the day before I left.  Fortunately, my mom made me go to the doctor and I got the right antibiotics so I wasn't completely useless on the trip, just a little draggy.
We had all sorts of fun with the Sontag crew.  Matching shirts one day, too, when all 20 something of us went to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.
My girl got new pink books for the occasion.  Isn't she a cutie?  She has adopted the crinkle-nose smile for most posed pictures.
We stayed in a really cute cabin.  It had a hot tub that I regretably never used.  And two jet-tubs that I also never used.  The cousins had a lot of time to bond.

Some of us got to sneak away to tour a Winery.  Well, the bottling portion of a winery.  Still, there was lots of tasting and some purchasing.  Erin didn't bring her ID, so we had to sneak her in. 

I wish I had had more energy during the trip, but it was great fun and I can't wait until next year.